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Old About Us

Hi, we are Todd and Bonnie, and we create beautiful art that moves in the wind.


The idea for Beauty and the Wind was conceived in Peru during a life-changing workshop at Tierra Mitica. Both of us decided that we want to live an extraordinary life, filled with colour, fun and happiness. And when we looked at what truly makes us happy, it is what we enjoyed when we were little. Todd loved to create and invent things; he imagined he had a secret laboratory that he could access anytime, filled with equipment and inventions of his making. Bonnie loved art, fairytales and making beautiful things; some of her happiest memories are of making hangings with her mum from stuff they collected at the beach. So the idea for Beauty and the Wind was born. Todd is an engineer and brings his technical skills, and Bonnie brings her feel for design. Also... we are married! So we have a level of honesty that most business partners cannot reach, and everyday work is filled with love and fun.

Because our pieces get their movement from the wind, it is no surprise that we are based in the windiest city in the entire world: Wellington, New Zealand where we design, test and lovingly make all of our pieces.We sell our smaller pieces here on our website, and we also create unique one-off pieces for festivals, weddings and private venues. Please contact us if you would like a custom piece created for you.
We have a massive vision for Beauty and the Wind, and our heart beats wildly for our special business. We love creating kinetic art that truly makes you feel - we love the idea of someone drinking their coffee in the morning, looking at their Beauty and the Wind piece and remembering that life is beautiful.
We thank you, our customers and our supporters - we love you guys!
- Todd & Bonnie