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Does my piece come assembled?

This depends on which piece you purchase; some pieces are ready to hang and others require a few steps to assemble before they are ready to display. 
For all of the pieces that require some assembly steps we have created awesome Youtube videos that walk you through the simple step-by-step instructions. You can find the videos here

Our pieces that are ready to display:

Our pieces that require assembly:

How do I open and set up my Wind spinner?

Follow this simple step-by-step youtube video where Todd shows you how to open your new wind spinner to ensure it looks beautiful and spins with ease: 

How long does shipping take?

This depends on your location and which shipping method you choose. We offer standard, fast and tracked shipping which you can select when you purchase your pieces. We aim to ship orders 1-3 business days. If you need a piece by a certain date please contact us and we can confirm with you if we can make it happen. Contact

From time of shipment:
NZ Standard Shipping takes approximately one week.
NZ Fast Shipping takes approximately 1-3 days.

International Standard takes approximately 2-4 weeks. 
International Fast Shipping takes approximately between 1-3 weeks.

Your location also varies shipping times.

We are working towards having our items stocked on Amazon and distributed from America or somewhere else in the world which will reduce shipping time for our international customers.

Is my order tracked?

Your order is tracked if you select one of the "tracked shipping" options on the checkout page when purchasing your pieces. If you purchase the tracked option your tracking number will be emailed to you after your order has been shipped.

Is my piece waterproof?

Yes, all of our pieces are completely waterproof with the exception of the Discoball Chandelier. This means you can display your piece outdoors in the garden or indoors. Rain will not hurt your piece! However we do advise you to bring your pieces indoors in very extreme weather to prevent damage.

Is my piece weatherproof?


Yes, all of our pieces are completely weatherproof with the exception of the Discoball Chandelier. Rain or shine your pieces are happy outdoors as well as indoors! However we do advise you to bring your pieces indoors in very extreme weather to prevent damage.

How do I clean my piece?

Every now and then giving your piece a clean will keep it looking fantastic, the outdoors have a way of bringing things back to nature. We recommend using any normal soft cloth and some warm soapy water; handsoap or dishwashing liquid works great and you do not need much. Then dry it with a microfibre cloth and it will come out looking stunning. If you do not have a microfibre cloth any dry cloth will work.

We recommend cleaning your pieces once every season. If you live somewhere with most extreme weather or dust you may need to clean more often.

How do I install, hang or insert my piece?

How you display your new piece of kinetic art will depend on which piece you have purchased.

  • Bonnie the Ballerina - This beautiful piece comes with a stand so you can place her on your window cill or outdoors on your patio. You can also remove the circle stand and insert her pole into a pot plant.
  • Windspinners / Rainbow Drop / Rainbow Butterfly - These pieces come with a hook on the end of their wire, so all you need to do is choose a spot where you can hook the piece on and it will have room to spin underneath. For example tree branches or off a pergola. You can also insert a nail, screw or eye-hook into an area on your property to create somewhere to hang your piece.
  • Bliss - These pieces are perfect to hang on a small command hook, nail, or any small protruding object. Bliss comes on an elegant small chain.
  • Discoball Chandelier - These pieces are best suited in a covered area as they can handle light rain and wind but not heavy. They require a strong hook or object to hang from as they are very heavy compared to our other pieces, around 1.5kg depending on the piece.  

When will my pre-ordered piece arrive, Bonnie the Ballerina / Rainbow Drop?

Both of these awesome pieces are in the manufacturing process now. The estimated time of shipping is the 10th of July 2020.

Can you make me a custom designed piece?

Oh yeah! And this is one of our favourite things to do. Please contact us to discuss further:

What does kinetic mean?

Kinetic means lively, motion, dynamic! Kinetic art from the heart is art that is alive, and for us it is alive because the wind is moving it and bringing it to life!

What are your policies for shipping, refunds, privacy and terms of service?

Here's the link to all of the above:
- Shipping Policy
- Refund Policy
- Privacy Policy
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