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About Us

A love story between wind and sculpture…

Hi! We’re Todd and Bonnie, the creators of Beauty and the Wind.

We make enchanting garden art that moves, dances and interacts with the wind! Our goal is to create pieces that blow you away, are magical, unique and a pure pleasure to have in your garden. You will find a collection of gorgeous and fun pieces of garden art on our website with new designs being added all the time - getting more and more grand and fantastic!

We’re both kiwis and live in Wellington (the windiest city in the world!), New Zealand, where Beauty and the Wind is based. We are passionate about following your heart and living a life filled with happiness.

This is why we decided to create Beauty and the Wind together. It is a business filled with creativity, beautiful and dynamic art, fun and love. It allows us both to bring our gifts and passions into our work. Todd is our engineer and CEO, taking care of the business aspect. With Beauty and the Wind he gets to bring to life never-been-done-before designs, which fulfils his childhood dream of being an inventor! He even imagined he had a secret drawer that led to his secret lab! 

And for Bonnie (who literally dreamed of being a fairy when she was little!) Beauty and the Wind completely satisfies her desire for fantasy and creativity. As Beauty and the Wind’s designer, there is no limit on the creativity she can bring! Anything she can dream of, together we can bring it to life!

We both love what we do so much. We put our hearts and minds together to create the most awesome business possible. With the grandest future, the most epic designs for your garden you have ever seen, and awesome customer service - we love our customers.! 

We truly have so much fun creating our designs!

Whether you have a huge garden or a small balcony, you can create an outdoor spaces that is uniquely yours. Relaxing. And simply beautiful at an affordable price.
Knowing our spinning, dancing and twinkling designs are creating magic for our customers all over the world - from New Zealand to Hawaii to Norway - is such a cool feeling!

You can follow our journey on instagram and facebook, where we share our upcoming designs and a behind the scenes look into our creative studio here in Wellington.

Ready to transform your outdoor space?! Have a look at our beautiful designs…

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