A love story between wind and sculpture…


Welcome to Beauty and the Wind, where we bring the magic of movement to your garden with our unique and beautiful garden decorations that move in the wind.

Based in the windy city of Wellington, New Zealand, we love sharing our passion with our customers worldwide.

Beauty and the Wind is inspired by the dreams we had when we were little children and our desire for a fun, colourful and happy life. I, Bonnie, dreamt of being a fairy since I was a little girl, and I always loved making wind chimes and mobiles with my mum using treasures we found at the beach. I put that inspiration into all of our designs, to evoke a sense of wonder and magic. And Todd wanted to be an inventor when he was a little boy, he imagined that he had a secret laboratory in his bedroom drawers and later dreamt of owning a successful business. He brings his passion for invention to the company, ensuring that each piece is both beautiful and functional while also running Beauty and the Wind.

We are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible with our garden art, and our ever-expanding range is designed to delight and inspire. From whimsical wind spinners to mesmerising kinetic sculptures, our pieces are designed to add an element of movement and magic to any garden space. And the best part is that we want to make your garden magical at an affordable price, that's why we work hard to provide excellent quality and unique designs at a fair price.

We're proud to offer worldwide shipping and are available on amazon.com for our customers in the US and nearby. We also truly value our customers and it is our pleasure to go above and beyond to help, at Beauty and the Wind you will always receive the service you deserve. Become a part of our journey and see for yourself why Beauty and the Wind is an enchanting addition to any outdoor space.

Ready to transform your outdoor space?! Have a look at our beautiful designs…