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The Moving Art Experience

The Moving Art Experience is a truly dynamic event, where participants view a show on kinetic art; how it moves and flows in the wind, the different styles and a look at some of the latest pieces in the world. Participants then get to make their very own custom pinwheel to take home; perfect for balconies or window sills as it spins in a gentle breeze. 
The workshop has been designed to spark conversations and engulf the participants in a creative and joyous environment. In life it is easy to fall into our routines and forget the magic that life holds, in this workshop we bring back the magic using art, music, laughter, story-telling and creativity - it's in all of us! 
Hosted by Beauty and the Wind, New Zealand's most dynamic kinetic art company. Below is footage of a Moving Art Experience that took place at the Rita Angus Ryman Village in Wellington. 

If you would like to have a Moving Art Experience or would like to know more information, get in touch here.