Spiral Weight - Crystal

$16.00 USD

Add beauty and stability to your wind spinner with a spiral weight.

By pulling the wind spinner down, it is stabilised in the wind. Prepare to be hypnotised as the solid glass orb appears to magically climb the metal spiral as it spins.

Please note the spiral weights are designed as an add-on and stabiliser for your wind spinner. They will rotate when attached to the bottom. They will not rotate on their own without a wind spinner catching the wind.


Easy to Hang
Spiral weights come with a swivel, glass crystal and a hook already attached, making it easy for you to hang your spiral on the hole located at the bottom of your wind spinner.

Rust Resistant
Made from high-quality stainless steel with a clear coat finish for protection against rust. They can be used indoors and outdoors. (*Note if you are located in Rotorua with sulphur in the air or are coastal with a lot of salt in the air, we recommend regularly washing your metal Beauty and the Wind piece with fresh water and applying a clear coat of spray paint to the metal each year)

Perfect Gift
Surprise a loved one with a wind spinner spiral weight and add a touch of beauty to their garden. The moving spiral is relaxing and calming. They add a unique design flair to any space.


Length: 26cm / 10.2 inches
Width: 6cm / 2.4 inches
Includes a 5cm glass ball, and a swivel and hook at the top.

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